10 Free Tips for FBSM Ettiquite

I recently bought & read A Gentlemen's Ettiquite Guide to FBSM...by Scarlet Amor.   It's filled with everything you need to know about picking the right provider for you, scheduling appointments & how to behave in her presence.  Even if you are a a seasoned veteran or ...

Lovers Massage 101

This is for all you boyfriends, husbands, & suitors, who offer your beloved a "nice, long massage", only to either run out of ideas on what to do (hint, slow down) OR to be more focused on your own pleasure because, hey, you're touching her naked body!  

Learning how to give...

Worshiping Your Goddess Through OM

Oming is a beautiful way to connect with your partner.  This video is a short 12 minutes & gives details on exactly how & why to incorporate this practice into your relationship.



Deepening Your Lovemaking Coonnection


Mastering this technique will definitely have you doing homework, but I guarantee you'll enjoy it!