Please arrive ON TIME and SOBER. A hot shower with wholesome soaps will be provided for you. If you are running a few minutes behind, please let me know. I can accommodate a little cush time, if you communicate. If you arrive early, please enjoy the coffee shop or specialty grocery/wine store in the lot where you will park. Please CALL me FROM YOUR CAR when you arrive to give me a two minute warning. I will guide you (walking) to MY HOME from there.

It is crucial for both of us that you enter & exit MY HOME quickly and discreetly. We have plenty of time to say our hellos & farewells inside the door.  

There is a donation plate on my alter. Please make your offering before taking your shower.

This is a time for you to submit & receive healing from a goddess.  Please treat me as such.   You will have the opportunity for my GUIDED touch.  Please accept that as a gift & do not push beyond my boundaries.  This will allow me to be as open with you as I can.

If you feel inspired to bring a gift, I always enjoy wine, flowers & unusual finds.  Lingerie (size small) will be modeled & fetish toys will be tried out!


For gentlemen new to  FBSM, here is a great  guide to help you navigate through your questions without having to ask: