Hi there, welcome to my sanctuary of healing.   I teach the ancient practice of Tantra, as a sensual healing for trauma, therapy, and exploration of intimacy.  

I live in Santa Fe in a historic adobe home near the plaza, with a large, sacred temple space I have lovingly created to share my healing.   Bathed in soft candlelight & chill musical stylings, you will transcend into a place of tranquil bliss. Don't forget to look up from time to time into the mirrorors placed for your visiual pleasure. 

Below are detailed descriptions of the sessions I am currently offering, along with rates & ettiquite.  My blog is coming soon, so check back.  

My TANTRA sessions begin in my cozy, Santa Fe style living room with a cup of tea/glass of wine, so we can chat about your day & I can answer any last questions you may have.  I then whisk you off to a steamy hot shower so you can prepare your body for the goddess.  Quality unscented soaps & a fluffy towel will be furnished for you.   Once inside my sacred temple, you will be in candlelight wonder, surrounded with beautiful music and luxurious space.   We will begin in the Yab-Yum position where we can align our chakras and connect our energy.   As we align & breathe, you will visualize through my guided meditation to raise your sacral awareness.  This will be a sacred and still playful time, where you can be open, within a safe container.  Then I will lay you down for a delicious full-body-sensual-massage with long, slow and intentional strokes, sending you off into to a blissful dream.  You will start face down on my table, to be scratched from head to toe with my nails just to awaken the skin a bit.  Then you will wonder where that warm velvety sensation is coming from as I seductively pour my personal blend of oils up & down each part of your body, so my hands can slide across you with uninterrupted touch.  Every muscle will be lovingly soothed and released as I guide your awareness of your sacral energy to one point.  You shall then flip over to receive the same loving treatment to the front of your body.  As your sacral energy increases, I will guide you toward an intense release and spiritual climax.  Like blowing out the candels on your birthday cake; making a wish to the universe.   Sending your frustrations as well as your desires into the ethers to manifest for your best potential.   Once you have returned to this world, I will wipe you down with hot towels & wrap you like a burrito to soak in the sensation, while I slip away to prepare you a refreshment.  You will be offered another shower & time to regroup before we part.  Does that sound delightful to you?  I offer 60, 90 and 120 minutes based on $250 per hour, so please do the math accordingly.  Please add $50 for prostate therapy.  If a more multi layered & intense healing is what you need; I offer half-day, as well as weekend retreats.  

I also offer a Tie-N-Tease session for those looking for a more adventurous experience. My Dakini Tie~n~Tease allows you the freedom within security to surrender yourself to exotic & erotic sensations, elevating your senses and reaching a higher state of awareness.  You will be seduced into soft restraints and filled with a flurry of anticipation as you gaze over at my assortment of utensils I will use to bring you tactile delight.  Looking to explore the shadows of your soul? Step into my dungeon.  The flow of this session is similar to my TANTRA sessions.  I offer a 90 minute session for a $450 donation.  Longer sessions are scaled accordingly.

Goddess Worship:         If you desire more intense connection to the Divine, I offer an exquisite session of intamacy building through Sacred Union.  This delighful experience can be designed through a multi-level course only.  Please view the videos in my blog to learn a few techniques we will explore.  Rates starting at $900 for a half day retreat.


If you woud like to schedule some time with me, please fill out the information on my SCREENING tab.  I will respond as quickly as possibe.

BE A GENTLEMAN; introduce yourself and tell me the following: your name, your age, your occupation. Tell me which session you are interested in & at what time and for how long. Because I will be inviting you into MY HOME, my security is my top priority. I will need to vet you through EITHER social media, a professional website OR two references from providers that I can verify. No exceptions. I have seen many high-profile ladies and glentlemen; they have all gone through this process. Please help me to feel safe by providing this necessary information. Your privacy is important to me and I always maintain a high professional and ethical discressionary standard.

I hope to heal you soon.


  • Genevieve Lux
  • 34D-27-38
  • 69
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • 5' 3"
  • Female
  • 104 lbs