Hello gentle seeker & welcome to my healing temple, nestled into the magical Sangre de Cristo mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I offer a deliscious indulgance for the sophisticated gentleman, lady or couple seeking to connect with the Divine through conscious sensulity.  Allow me to be your guide on an exploration of intimacy through connection.  My continual training as a Dakini, has lead me over the years, to research, learn, test & apply many new techniques into my healing practice. I incorporate tantric breathing, meditation and super yummy FBSM into all of my healing sessions. 

Individual sessions start at a donation request of $250 for 75 minutes of my attention on YOU YOU YOU!  This is your time to surrender yourself entirely and receive healing from the goddess, in a very spiritual & deep connection .   

Sessions will begin with some cozy time; sharing a snack with tea or wine & talking about your hopes and expectations for our time together. We will focus on an intention for your healing & will start on a tantric journey after you refresh in my shower.  Chill lounge music & luxurious surroundings will allow you to submit to relaxation & take you to a level of surreal existence. We will focus mainly on the energy of the Heart & Sacral chakras, trading the currents back & forth between god and goddess. After a cosmic ride on a sensual roller coaster of full-body-sensual-massage, you will have the choice to finally fall into the ecstacy of release…OR…OR…OR I can guide you down into a full body vibrancy to take with you.

(please note: this is your time to receive energy from the goddess and not to give. I am here as a conduit to channel your connection with source. Please RECEIVE this gift of love and ACCEPT any instruction on connecting with the goddess as an opportunity to simply enjoy her essence.)  Please visit my "Ettiquite" tab below before scheduling an appointment.  



If you woud like to schedule some time with me, please fill out the information on my SCREENING tab or text the required information to 505-596-0316.  I will respond as quickly as possible.

BE A GENTLEMAN; introduce yourself and tell me the following: your name, your age, your occupation.  Because I will be inviting you into MY HOME, my security is my top priority. I will need to vet you through EITHER social media, a professional website OR two references from providers that I can verify. No exceptions. I have seen many high-profile ladies and glentlemen; they have all gone through this process. Please help me to feel safe by providing this necessary information. Your privacy is important to me and I always maintain a high professional and ethical discressionary standard.


I hope to heal you soon.


Please check out my blog for links to educational videos.

Double-Goddess sessions with Luxaura are available at her whim.  Luxaura is based  in Los Angeles, please plan in advance.      www.LuxSophia.com


  • Genevieve Lux
  • 34D-27-38
  • 46
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • 5' 3"
  • Female
  • 104 lbs